4 Reasons Why Outsourcing Software Development Works

Kayla King

Kayla King

Aug 29, 2019 | Accelerance Blog

Is there any doubt in your mind that software development outsourcing can work for you? If so, is it because you haven’t tried it, or worse - had a bad experience with a prior attempt? Let us reassure you - Software development outsourcing DOES work. You and your company can benefit greatly from this strategy. We can say this with confidence, because of our experience with hundreds of customers and thousands of successful projects using software development outsourcing. In our client testimonials and case studies, you'll see there are many reasons why outsourcing works. Four reasons outsourcing software development works most often are:

  1. Ability to scale
  2. Reduce or control costs
  3. Increase flexibility
  4. (Re)focus on company core competency

Reason 1 - Scale On Demand

The simplest visual of the ability to scale is the gas pedal of your car. Do you want to accelerate your speed (“scale up”)? Then - pedal to the floor. Do you want to decelerate (“scale back”)? Then - ease off the pedal. A car is designed with the ability to scale up - or down in speed by pressing on the gas pedal... no mechanical overhauls needed to vary speed. The ability to scale is literally on demand.

No manufacturing company would be without strategies to scale production output. But, too many tech teams are caught flat-footed when the need to scale up business-critical software production arises. Time-to-respond can be measured in multiple weeks just to get started… followed by months and months of programming.

Onboarding new employees is time-consuming. Even with all the online tools and hiring options available today, it takes time and energy to recruit and train new employees. A BAD hiring decision is worse than having made no hire at all!. What do you do with all these new hires if you need to scale up is only temporary? Nobody wants to go through layoffs.

The best companies that provide software development outsourcing have deep benches of qualified, proven developers to take on your next project. 

Takeaway. Software development outsourcing works because a capable partner gives you the ability to scale your ability to generate production software. 

Reason 2 - Reduce Costs

There’s a popular saying “Price is NEVER irrelevant.” Done properly, a strategy of software development outsourcing, will save money. Let’s be clear - cost savings may not be the MAIN reason you should consider outsourcing, and price is rarely the ONLY reason you outsource. But, you will find software development outsourcing is a real cost savings opportunity. 

Internal staff have salaries, insurance, taxes, and other benefits that are part of the company's costs. In addition, internal staff must be perpetually managed, equipped with tools, and given a training or personal development plan (PDP). Most companies must provide office workspace for their staff. All of this adds up to expense. 

Do the math for yourself. If you properly compare outsourcing rates to your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for in-house software development staff, the cost savings will become clear. 

Takeaway: Software development outsourcing works because you can achieve real cost-savings, compared to the traditional method of relying exclusively on in-house programming staff. 

Reason 3 - Increase Your Flexibility

Your company’s situation is fluid. Change happens. What causes change?

  • New, ambitious revenue goals (Take that hill!)
  • Regulatory changes (Ouch!)
  • Innovation and New Product Ideas (Eureka!)
  • Competition (Shark in the Water!)

When changes happen your business software needs to adapt. Software development outsourcing allows greater flexibility to adapt and respond to business conditions at a rapid pace with good economics. Your internal IT staff may be great workers and highly skilled at what they do. But - they have a finite skill set they can only adapt to changing needs within limits.

The right outsourced software development partner punches through the ceiling of limitations caused by the finite size and skills of your staff. You can access a team of developers ready to attack your development needs. You can tap into technical skills that are limited - or don’t exist at all within your staff. You can lean on specialized expertise and experience honed over multiple projects similar to yours. 

Takeaway. Software development outsourcing works as a game-changer for your company’s ability to flex and exploit the need for change. There are too many business stories out there of companies that lost market share and became irrelevant because of low flexibility and the ability to change. Don’t be one of those companies!

Reason 4 - Focus on Your Core Competency

What is the “secret sauce” that distinguishes your goods or services in the marketplace? What allows your to carve out the market niche you’re succeeding in? What must your company be uniquely good at to maintain your brand and grow market share. In other words - what is your core competency? 

Whether a company outsourcing software development or outsourcing some other important business area need, outsourcing helps you refocus your attention on your core competency. For instance, most companies need access to shipping and logistics expertise but don’t need to manage a trucking fleet. An auto manufacturer needs thousands of parts for a completely assembled car - but NEVER do they manufacture all the necessary components in-house. Likewise, 21st-century companies need high-quality software, but the ability to run a “software factory” doesn’t need to be a core competency

Takeaway. Software development outsourcing works because you can focus on your company’s core competency by exploiting the expertise and core competency of a vendor whose ONLY focus is developing quality software for other companies...like your company!

We Ensure Outsourcing Works for You

We know that outsourcing software development can be a win for you and your company. That’s because Accelerance is the global expert in outsourcing software development. We have invested years in locating and certifying the top software development companies across the globe. We partner with you to prepare your company for outsourcing, match you with the right offshore development team and bring our elite US-based coaches alongside you to ensure success every step of the way. 

Kayla King

Kayla King

As Accelerance's Manager of Marketing and Sales Operations, Kayla oversees the measurement and refinement of lead generation initiatives and manages all omni-channel platforms to support the expansion of the company's customer base. Prior to joining Accelerance, she worked in technical recruitment supporting Fortune 500 clients in the healthcare, financial services and technology consulting industries.

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