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How to Outsource Mobile App Development Effectively

By Andy Hilliard | March 4, 2015


utsourcing is an excellent way to develop the mobile app you want faster, better and for the right price, but you should pursue your development objectives with a clear game plan. Developing the right mobile app strategy involves getting the details about your app right and deciding on a style that works for your project. Here are some of the main factors to consider before you outsource mobile app development.


Outsource or In-House Mobile App Development?

First, determine whether your app is appropriate for outsourcing. In-house development allows you to directly interact with your team during the development process, which is a benefit in certain circumstances. However, outsourcing allows you to select from a larger talent pool, helps you reduce costs on expensive developers, and allows for faster ramp-up and delivery due to a partner’s experience and existing talent pool. Decide what’s right for you and outsource mobile app development only if it makes good business sense.

Operating System

Determine whether you want functionality across a large variety of platforms and operating systems, or instead want to focus on a narrow set. For those developing a mobile app for the first time, it’s usually better to focus on the more popular operating systems such as iOS and Android, and then expand later. You also need to choose whether to develop natively (e.g., iOS) which often ensures best stability or whether it’s just as good to develop on a cross-platform language (e.g., Titanium).

Functionality of the App

Ensure your app achieves the specific function that matches your business model. Utilize competitive examples, incorporating the best functions, and then add additional functionality that differentiates your app. Think hard about the UX and UI balancing the need to get downloaded with the need to create a “sticky” and positive experience with the customer.


Many business owners and software companies use mobile apps as a way to augment their business services and deliver more traffic to their websites. A mobile app increases brand recognition and gives customers wider access to your services or products, but the response can often be overwhelming.

You may experience increased orders, an influx of queries about what your business can provide, and you may ultimately have to expand your business rapidly. It’s important to respond properly to this increased business activity with adequate preparation, otherwise you’ll miss the ability to capitalize on the success of your mobile app. At the same time, for companies that are prepared to handle this rapid growth, a mobile app can represent a profound new opportunity.

Ultimately when you outsource mobile app development you'll maximize your budget and produce a higher quality product faster, but it’s important that you plan properly to achieve success. 

Accelerance has the knowledge to make your outsourcing experience as smooth and cost effective as possible. We’re happy to work with you through each step of your planning process to help you get where you want to be, and make your decision to outsource mobile app development a wise and profitable one.

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