With the return of democracy in 1991, Bangladesh has experienced some economic progress. And while the country still faces a variety of challenges, including overpopulation and poverty, as well as political instability, the economy of Bangladesh has been recognized as having the potential to become one of the world’s largest economies in the twenty-first century.

Bangladesh is now emerging as an outsourcing destination, with aspirations to become a serious contender in the global software developing arena. Like India, engineers in Bangladesh have a command of the English language and are experienced IT professionals, while achieving similar results at a lower cost. They can accomplish this by using smaller developing teams and focusing on specific services. One team may focus on software and mobile app testing, while another team gives their attention to gathering and processing data. 

Accelerance Partners in Bangladesh

The ecosystem of Accelerance Certified Expert (ACE) partners includes companies from Bangladesh that have been thoroughly screened and vetted. These ACE partners have good command of English and have agreed to Accelerance’s terms for intellectual property protection.