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2022-2023 Global Software Development Resourcing &
Rates Study

Insights from the Software Development
Outsourcing Front Lines

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Your only source for direct insights into record-high software developer rates
& talent shortages.

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Software development demand and rates spiked out of control in 2022, but relief is in sight. Understand why from those who are right there. Where else will you find a perspective from 200 software development executives across the top three global software outsourcing destinations? Our latest study explores the dynamics behind a crisis-level tech talent shortage and sky-high rates.

Get actionable data and trends to help you manage with:

  • Reported rates increase for 2022 and forecasts for 2023 across nine developer and technical roles
  • Top five drivers impacting rate increases in 40+ countries worldwide
  • Higher and lower cost location options for global software development outsourcing destinations
  • Four key factors influencing demand for software talent
  • The current and ongoing impact of the pandemic, the Ukraine war, inflation, recession threats, and corporate cutbacks

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